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Over the years Autoxross has designed and built many fiberglass vehicles bodies shapes and panels for the purpose of all forms of racing, as well as parts for many road going vehicles.

We also manufacture many other components in kevlar, carbon kevlar and carbon fibre for different sports and industries.

We have the experience and design knowledge to manufacturer any bespoke component for the interior and exterior of your vehicle in either carbon fibre or fibreglass.

We produce full body kits for the following circuit cars. Peugeot 206, 206CC, VW Corrado, Audi TT, BMW Z4, Mazda RX8, Fiesta MK3 and the Toyota Scarlet. Please call us for more information.

We can provide custom made components for Drift and Rally cars. Carbon fibre roof scoops, footrests, spoilers and bonnet vents to name but a few.

Every component is specially designed to improve the look and the performance of your vehicle.

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